Friday, March 2, 2012

Just for Fun: Clay Yourself

One of the ways that we encourage professional development is through a social learning network called Edmodo. Well, you know teachers (especially women). "I don't want to put my picture on here! I don't have a good one!"

Problem solved: Make one. I've used a couple of avatar creators, but I came across this one recently. Clay Yourself is sponsored by and lets you create little Playdough versions of yourself. Check out mine. (Yes, my hair is always that cute and my arms are that toned.) I really love this for student Edmodo accounts too. Like this idea? Check out three alternative programs here!


  1. Hey Melanie,

    Thanks for sharing. I will add that one to my list. I was looking for some good avatar makers for my students to use too, and recently listed some on my blog (that I just you). I'll add this one as well! If you want to take a look at the ones I found: