Monday, March 19, 2012

Slideshow Creator: Slidestaxx

My favorite slideshow creator right now Slidestaxx. You can upload pictures, add links and YouTube videos - it's great. Want to know the best part? You are only allowed 130 characters in text on each slide. Heck, this post is already 234 characters, so you get the idea. Less type - more talk. We all hate to watch presentations or webinars where the presenter reads from a Power Point.

Give it a try, and your students will love Slidestaxx as much as you do. To link pictures, videos, or websites users must enter a web address - instant citation! No wondering where a picture came from when it's time to publish and present. Click to download my quick guide. (My district encourages using NetTrekker for student image searches, but you could easily use Creative Commons or another site.) You can check out my sample on Paul Revere here. If you create one, post it in a comment!

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