Monday, February 27, 2012

No cutting, pasting, or poster paper

Want an eco-friendly, no-mess poster solution? Glogster is it! One of the 7th grade social studies teachers that I work with has students create posters on people or topics that they cover throughout the year as a review. I threw together this quick example to see how it works.

 I love that I could embed a You Tube video and some great audio. The text box sizing had me puzzled for a minute (you must double click before you can resize), but otherwise I found the site very easy to use. Here is a 90 second overview or you could try this link to see how a fourth grade teacher in Massachusetts uses it with her students. For quickie tutorials on each step in the process (education version), try Bay Shore Middle School's page.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


My kids refuse to listen to any more of my ranting (Jaycut just left me, and Picnik is on the way out) and raving (I heart Edmodo) about web 2.0 tools and such any more. Alas, I must seek out a new audience. I hope that you find something helpful here, and please post with your ideas!