Tuesday, April 10, 2012

SMART Game Board: Sight Words

The SMART Exchange is fabulous place to find resources or spark ideas. (Sometimes it is daunting to look at a blank SMART Notebook file and get creative.) If you have never used the site, just sign up for a free account to get started.

I ran across this game board while searching for review activities. Kids love game boards, but are generally resistant to practicing sight words. Students click the dice, read the words, and move the appropriate spaces. Since I'm a little OCD, I tweaked some of the pages. I also changed out the original Dolch words for the words du jour in South GA: Fry. There is not a big difference, and if you'd like the Dolch file, I'll be glad to email it to you. Just message me.

The dice are located on the last page and can be copied as much as you'd like. You can make your own board easily by using shapes and Gallery items. Below is a board that I threw together for my little girls' school reading theme: Reading Rocks! Or click to get my full Fry Words gameboard file. Feel free to use it or make it your own!

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